About CEO


Applications due: *12/17/15 (Application available here)

TESTIMONIALS from last year: 

“The CEO course profoundly affected the way that I see school–rather than a long, windy road leading to completion of a project and a degree, it’s a (still long and windy) road on which I can pick up key transferable skills and hit short-term career landmarks along the way.” 3rd year, PhD Student, Developmental Biology

“I benefitted greatly from the guest speakers and classes through the course and definitely have a lot of confidence and excitement for future goals and career options.”2nd year Postdoc, Genetics

“CEO taught me to explore careers, hone my job application skills, and distinguish myself from other candidates. One month after the course, I applied for and was offered a ten week consulting position for a biotech company.” 6th year, PhD Student, Cancer Biology

Program overview:

The primary goal of the program is to augment the training and education offered to Graduate Students and Postdocs in the Biosciences at Stanford, by providing the following:

  • An understanding and garnering of the skills necessary to succeed in a variety of fields.
  • A formal means of gaining practical work experience in a setting outside academic research.
  • An opportunity to explore and make connections in a new career path.
  • An experience that can help trainees make an informed and intentional career decision.

Additionally, the value of the program is through the group process, including:

  • A support network of peers, faculty, and staff to assist your career development.
  • Tailored employer mentors who will provide you feedback on your plans.
  • A broader understanding of your academic training as it relates to careers of choice.
  • The space to practice and develop skills in a supportive environment


  • Open to the following biosciences trainees: (graduate students who are in year 3 or above, postdocs and MDs after one full year in their program.)
  • Restricted to 25 trainees.

Questions? Please contact Joe Bucher at: jjbucher@stanford.edu

Please be aware of the following dates:

  • Official start of the program: January 14, 2015
  • Class sessions:
    • Official dates: January 14, 2016-March 2, 2016
    • Classes are on Thursdays, from 5:00pm-7:00pm in MSOB x303 (third floor)
    • Final session of class will be a one-to-one individual meeting, based on trainee and SoMCC Counselor schedules





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