This page is a collection of articles and resources that  I have recently read and found interesting. They are opinions but offer opportunity for dialogue and new perspective. Feel free to leave links of articles you find interesting in the “comments” section.


Repository of interview questions from the US Government 

50 Most common interview questions 

30 Behavioral interview questions that you should be ready to answer 

7 essential questions to ask in an interview 

Interviewing Prep (types of interviews, questions, and preparation)

Behavioral based interview questions and strategy 

Cover Letters

UCSF Cover letter examples 

Seven Steps To Writing Cover Letters Quickly And Effectively

Do speculative letters work? 

Perfecting your cover letter to a “T”

 How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Make You Stand Out


Sue Desmond-Hellmann on leadership (also applies to job search and career development)


Important People Don’t Want A Cup Of Coffee — Here’s What To Ask For Instead (think about this as possibility for additional creative approaches)

How to find, approach, and engage mentors 

Uncover your ideal job with informational interviews 

How to land and ace an informational interview 

Start mapping your career with LinkedIn Alumni 

Facebook unveils “Facebook at Work”

10 habits of remarkably powerful networkers

The surprising secret to getting your emails read

20 tips for getting the most of out a science meeting


Handout on Summary of Qualifications from Brandeis University 

Dig deep for resume accomplishments 

Accomplishment statements on the resume 

The biggest mistakes I see on resumes and how to correct them, Part 1

The biggest mistakes I see on resumes and how to correct them, Part 2


The Candidate Skills/Qualities Employers Want, the Influence of Attributes

94% of recruiters use social media  

Utilizing technology for hiring 


Storytelling Your Way to a Better Job or a Stronger Start-Up 

The surprising secret to performing at your best 

Developing transferable skills in science training 

Academic job search: A playbook for internal candidates 


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