Class presentations

This page contains slides from previous class sessions.

Session 1 (January 14) –Transforming Experience into Future Opportunities Instructor:

  • Overview of course requirements and goals; introduction to Career of Choice Development Model;
  • Trainee best practices from CEO Program Alumni;
  • Creating goals for professional and academic success;
  • MBTI: Resources for exploring career of choice and internship possibilities.


Session 2 (January 21) The value of your training: transferring your skills Instructors: Joe

  • Opportunities to apply academic learning, learn new skills, and network with professionals;
  • Discussion of the importance of showing fit between personal skills, interests, and values and those with organizations/companies of choice;
  • Highlighting your skills via resume/cv.


Session 4 (February 4) Telling your story: Improvisation Techniques in Interviews and the Workplace


  • Overview of interview scope and process within various fields;
  • Management communications strategies that will help you hone and sell your professional image;
  • Using the techniques of improvisation comedy to manage the surprises which may come up in interviews;
  • Overcoming interview fears and addressing ways to avoid common mistakes.


Session 6 (February 18) – Branding: Telling your story

Jessica Kao, Senior Manager, Demand Generation and Marketing Operations, Guidespark

  • Understanding and managing your personal “brand”;
  • Appropriate use and leveraging of online networking tools; how hiring managers use these tools;
  • The importance of developing extensive professional networks in a global economy, regardless of market conditions.